OPEN LOOK User's Guide

Online Viewing using Adobe Acrobat

You can look at the entire book using Acrobat.

Note: if the above fails with a message like "Cannot open /tmp/abaaa4829", it is likely a Mosaic problem; use the AcroRead File Chooser to go to the books/vol3a directory and open book.pdf.

The Acrobat version has PDF "bookmarks" for each chapter and appendix (with the Acrobat Reader V1.x, you click on the icon, not the name, of each bookmarked entry). As well, each section in the Table of Content is hyperlinked to the appropriate page Do you need to learn about Acrobat and PDF? Or install an Acrobat Reader from the CD-ROM?

Online Viewing using PostScript

If you don't want to use Acrobat, you can examine the book as a series of PostScript documents, one per chapter or appendix.

There are also the XView Programming Manual, the XView Reference Manual, and the online man pages.


The X Window System User's Guide, OPEN LOOK Edition orients the new user to window system concepts and provides detailed tutorials for many client programs, including the cmdtool and xterm terminal emulators, the OPEN LOOK file manager, and the window manager. Building on this basic knowledge, later chapters explain how to customize the X environment and provide sample configurations.

This alternative edition of the User's Guide highlights the OPEN LOOK window manager for users of the OPEN LOOK graphical user interface. Topics include: