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Frequently-asked questions about the OPEN LOOK Graphical User Interface.

If your question isn't here, please try (at *least*)
	man openwin
	man xnews
	man 7 xview
and looking in the appropriate manuals listed in the Bibliography below
before posting to the, or
alt.toolkits.xview newsgroups and/or their corresponding mailing lists.

Frequently Asked Questions for X11 are posted to monthly.

This is version: $Revision: 1.54 $; Last posted version:  1.48

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    Subject: Terminology: OPEN LOOK, OpenWindows, X11, XView, (MO)OLIT, Motif
    Subject: The COSE agreement
    Subject: Window Managers -- olwm, olvwm
    Subject: OpenWindows, Terminals, and Other Displays
    Subject: Configuration Files: Getting started with OpenWindows
    Subject: Key Bindings, Cut and Paste
    Subject: Applications: Finding Out...
    Subject: DeskSet, Calendar Manager, etc.
    Subject: Trouble Shooting: Strange Error Messages
    Subject: Trouble Shooting: It Won't Let Me Type
    Subject: Trouble Shooting: Not authorized to use display
    Subject: Trouble Shooting: other common problems
    Subject: Trouble Shooting: XView problems
    Subject: Fonts
    Subject: Environment Variables
    Subject: Where Can I get It? Ftp, implementations, etc...
    Subject: Bibliography -- books, manuals, journals, papers, beer-mats
    Subject: Getting this File, Revision History, Recent Changes

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