Trouble Shooting: Cut and Paste not working

@ I can't paste from xterm to XView (including Sun DeskSet) programs
    Under OpenWindows 2, you need to add the following either to your
    $HOME/.Xdefaults file, or to $OPENWINHOME/lib/app-defaults/XTerm instead:

	XTerm*VT100.Translations: #override \
    You must not move the mouse between ending the selection and pressing
    L8 (the Paste key)!

    Under OpenWindows 3, this is already in the app-defaults file, so if it
    isn't working, check that XFILESEARCHPATH is set to
    and if it isn't, either set it or copy/merge the above lines from
    $OPENWINHOME/lib/app-defaults/XTerm into /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/XTerm.
    [See also: Environment Variables]

    This version automatically puts each xterm selection onto the clipboard:
	XTerm*VT100.translations: #override\n\
	    ~Ctrl ~Meta<Btn2Up>: insert-selection(PRIMARY,CUT_BUFFER0)\n\
	    ~Ctrl ~Meta<BtnUp>: select-end(PRIMARY,CUT_BUFFER0,CLIPBOARD)\n\
	    <KeyPress>L8: insert-selection(CLIPBOARD)
    [Note: be sure that the \n\ is at the very end of the line, there must
     be no following spaces, and any + or | signs showing that this FAQ file
     was altered must also be removed!]

    If you are using X11R5, you may find that adding the lines
<Key>L10: start-extend() select-end(PRIMARY, CLIPBOARD, CUT_BUFFER0)\n\
       <KeyRelease>L10: kill-selection() \n
    before the <KeyPress>L8 line will make L10 (CUT) work as a cut key!

    If you alter $HOME/.Xdefaults instead, you must use what X calls a
    `more specific' resource name:
    will do.

@ I can't paste from XView (including Sun DeskSet) programs to xterm

    If you don't have the Sun L keys on the left of your keyboard, you can
    use Meta-x, Meta-c and Meta-v for cut, coy and paste respectively.
    You can change the keys by adding the following two lines to
    your .Xdefaults file, edited as you wish (the values shown here are the

	Openwindows.KeyboardCommand.Copy: c+Meta,L6
	OpenWindows.KeyboardCommand.Paste", "v+Meta,L8
    Lists of resources are in the manual page for xview, and also in the
    thinnish blue book `Companion to Volume 7, XView Reference Manual' from
    O'Reilly, and also in the olwm and olvwm manual pages.

@ I can't copy and paste between OSF/Motif and OpenWindows programs.

   Adding the following lines to your .Xdefaults file may help:
	*XmText.translations: #override\n\
			<Key>L6:        copy-clipboard()\n\
			<Key>L8:        paste-clipboard()\n\
			<Key>L10:       cut-clipboard()\n
	*XmTextField.translations: #override\n\
			<Key>L6:        copy-clipboard()\n\
			<Key>L8:        paste-clipboard()\n\
			<Key>L10:       cut-clipboard()\n
@ I always get the same piece of text when I press PASTE (L8, Meta+v)
    Remove the file /tmp/textsw_shelf and see if that helps; see also the
    next item.

@ Cut Copy and Paste don't work at all (OpenWindows only)
    Oh dear.  Use ps -xuaww | grep xv  to check that sv_xv_sel_svc is running
    and that either you or root started it, depending on whether you started
    OpenWindows with "openwin" or by logging in through xdm.
    If not, start it.  If it dies, check that there is no /tmp/.sv_xv_sel_svc
    before restarting it - you may need to be root to remove it, or you can
    reboot your workstation.
    Check that there is space in /tmp (use "df /tmp"), and also see if there
    are a lot of files there with names like /tmp/tty.txt.a01246; if there are
    several hundred of them, cut and paste may take so long that it times out.

    Quit any deskset tools such as mailtool, filemgr and cm (calendar), start
    a terminal emulator and remove and /tmp/tty.txt* and /tmp/Text* files
    that are still there.  It's simplest to quit openwin and start it again
    after doing that, if cut and paste was broken, but if it starts working
    again you can just carry on.  Note that files in /tmp not owned by you
    might be in use by another worker comrade, so don't remove those without
    checking first!

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