Environment Variables

    Environment variables, and plausible values to use -- this list doesn't
    take into account any local changes that you might have made, of course.
    This list is for OpenWindows 3.0 -- differences for OpenWindows 2.0 are
    marked, and I've added some comments for users of X11R4 and X11R5, too.

    DISPLAY  The name of the X Windows Display to use
	:0.0 (on the local machine, the one actually running X11 or xnews)
	:0.1 (on some machines for a second, monochrome screen)
	machine-running-unix:0.0 (on other machines)
	(You may need to do "xhost +other-machine" to let programs on other
	machines use your display; see also under Trouble Shooting, and see
	the section on xauth in the OpenWindows Version 3 Programmer's Guide,
	pp. 101ff)
	See also: console messages, under Trouble Shooting
    FONTPATH  Where xnews searches for fonts
	(you can also use "xset fp+ dir" to add a directory to the font path,
	but you may have to do "xset fp rehash" afterwards.  This is fine
	under OpenWindows, but many X11 servers have font problems)
    HELPPATH  Where XView looks when you press the Help key (or F1)
	(On SunOS 4.0.*, or with OpenWindows 2.0, omit the first entry, which
	is for sites using a local other than "C" or "USA").
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH   Where to look to find shared C libraries
	(the /usr/CC/`arch`/lib entry is only needed if you use C++ programs)
    OPENWINHOME	 Where OpenWindows lives
    KEYBOARD, MOUSE -- serial devices to use instead of the console
	(don't set these for normal use; /dev/kbd and /dev/mouse)
    PATH  Where the Shell searches for programs to run
	(you will certainly want to change this example!  There is no
	$(OPENWINHOME)/bin/xview in OpenWindows 3.0)
    XFILESEARCHPATH  Where programs look for app-defaults files
        (This is set automatically by "openwin" in OpenWindows 3.0)
        You might want to use /usr/lib/X11/%T/%N%S, or perhaps both,
        separated with a :, for example (for sh users)
	If you use X11R5, you might instead want
	(put all this on one line, though, with no spaces!)

	Together with the following in lib/Xinitrc
	xrdb -merge <<'END_XRDB'

	xrdb -merge <<'END_XRDB'
	#ifdef COLOR
	   *customization:  -color

	you automatically get a color oclock, editres, bitmap, xcalc, and
	xlogo since they use the "*customization" resource appearing as %C in
	the XFILESEARCHPATH. (see oclock (n))
	according to Rainer Sinkwitz <sinkwitz@ifi.unizh.ch>.

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