Where Can I get It? Ftp, implementations, etc...

    XView 3.2 is available by anonymous ftp from export.lcs.mit.edu and

    MoOLIT can be bought from AT&T in source form.

    OpenWindows can be obtained from Sun, or you can get the source from
    Interactive Systems Inc.  It is also included in some vendors' System V
    Release 4 implementations, although that's not always the latest version.
    The current release of OpenWindows from Sun for supported architectures
    is 3.0; for the Sun 3 series it is frozen at OpenWindows 2.0.
    Note that Sun includes OpenWindows with SunOS, and it is also included as
    the windowing system for Solaris.

    There are said (by Sun) to be over 35 ports of OpenWindows either
    available now or in progress.  Unfortunately, none of them seem to
    be available from anywhere.  Contact anthony@ovi.com for more information.

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