The COSE agreement

@ What is COSE?
    The Common Operating System Environment is an agreement by several of the
    largest Unix manufacturers, including e.g. Sun, HP, IBM and SCO, to provide
    a compatible windowing environment (CDE) across all platforms.  It's widely
    rumoured that only fear of Windows NT could have brought this on.

@ What's it like?
    A snapshot of the Common Desktop Environment for HP, Sun, IBM, USL, SCO
    has been released on CD/ROm and was given out at the CDE develoer's

    Some of the features include:
    * Sun's Mailtool and Calander Manager
    * Sun's ToolTalk protocol for desktop interoperability
    * IXI's desktop file manager
    * HP's VUE desktop manager - a little like olvwm without the map
    * a Motif toolkit that offers all of the OPEN LOOK UI controls and
      window decorations.  It isn't clear to me in what way it's still Motif.
    * various games and demonstrations, `the entertainment value of these
      should not be underestimated' :-)
    * Sun's F3 outline font technology [actually I don't see this yet]

@ Why would I want it?
    If you're using OpenWindows you probably don't, particularly, but you're
    not the targeted market.  If you are not yet using X11 at all, or if you
    get fed up of all the differences between the various vendors' X11
    environments, you'll probably be interested.

@ When can I have it?
    Not until the end of 1994, in order to give Windows NT a fair start :-)

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