Window Managers -- olwm, olvwm

@ What are olwm and olvwm?
    They are window managers.  A window manager is the part of the X Window
    system (e.g. X11) that is responsible for deciding how to lay out windows
    on the screen, and for managing the user's interaction with the windows.

    Olwm is the standard OPEN LOOK window manager.
    It's included with all of the OpenWindows (q.v.) implementations, and
    you can also get the source by ftp, since Sun donated it.

    Olvwm is a version of olwm that manages a `virtual desktop' (hence the
    `v' in its name).  It shows a little map on the screen, with the
    currently displayed area represented by a little rectangle.	 You can
    move around by dragging the rectangle or with the arrow keys.  This
    lets you run several clients (applications) and move the display around
    from one to the other.  Olvwm was derived by Scott Oaks from the Open-
    Windows 3 olwm; you need to have libolgx (from XView 3.x) to compile it.
    Get olvwm from an ftp site such as (in the contrib
    directory; watch out for any patches there).

@ Can I use my favorite window manager with OpenWindows instead of olwm?
    Yes.  If you use twm, for example, or mwm, you won't be able to use
    the Pin and Unpin feature of olwm, and you (probably) won't see the
    footers some windows use to display certain messages.

    If you use twm, you'll want to use the f.delete function to unpin menus
    and get rid of programs that don't have a `quit' button when not run
    under olwm.
    For twm, put this in your $HOME/.twmrc:
	LeftTitleButton "target" = f.delete
    where "target" is a 16x16 icon from /usr/include/X11/bitmaps.
    Alternatively, try
	# Add a menu to each window managed by twm or tvtwm
	LeftTitleButton ":menu" = ""

	menu "" {
	    "Quit"         f.delete

    For mwm, you can double-click on the menu icon on the left of the title
    bar to dismiss a pop-up window (I am told).  XView windows might simply
    iconify themselves; there's a C work-round for this involving editing
    the program to make the windows `transient'.

    See the manual page for your window manager (twm, etc).

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