OpenWindows, Terminals, and Other Displays

@ Can I use olwm and olvwm without OpenWindows or on an X Terminal?
    The OpenWindows xnews server combines SunView, NeWS (PostScript) and X11.
    This means that it can run programs compiled for any of those systems.
    Unfortunately, it means that some OpenWindows programs need either NeWS
    or SunView support, and thus won't run on an X terminal.  This includes
    pageview in particular.

    You can use olwm or olvwm (see above) on an X terminal or a non-Open-
    Windows display, and most OPEN LOOK clients (e.g. OLIT or XView ones)
    will work perfectly well.  You may find that you get complaints about
    fonts not being found.  If so, see the Fonts section below.
    If you are running the window manager built-in to an NCD terminal, you
    may have problems with input focus; setting *Input: True in the terminal's
    XDefault file in /usr/lib/X11/xdm may or may not help.

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