Key Bindings, Cut and Paste

@ How do I cut and paste between XTerm and OpenWindows programs?

    To go from XTerm to textedit (say):
    * Select the text you want to copy by dragging the SELECT mouse button
      in xterm
    * Press COPY in the XTerm (this key is L6, or Meta+c (the O'Reilly
      XView manual gets this wrong)
    * Move to the textedit window, and press PASTE (L8 or Meta+v)

    If this doesn't work, see Trouble Shooting: Cut and Paste

   To go the other way, from textedit to XTerm:
    * Select the text in textedit.  No need to use COPY
    * Move to the XTerm window and press ADJUST (the middle mouse button).
    * You can also use the COPY/CUT and PASTE buttons.

@ COPY/PASTE is boring.	 What short-cuts are available?

    Quick Copy within textedit, mailtool, etc:
    * Click SELECT to get a text caret where you want the copied text to go
    * Press and HOLD DOWN the PASTE (or CUT) button
    * Select the text you want to copy/move.  You'll see that it's underlined
      or crossed out, as appropriate.  (In the jed demo it goes grey)
    * Let go of the PASTE (or CUT) button.
    * The text you underlined or crossed out appears at the insert caret.

    Drag and Drop to Move a Selection
    * Select the text you want to copy or move, by dragging or multiple-
      clicking the SELECT or ADJUST mouse button
    * Put the mouse pointer anywhere within the selection
    * Press and HOLD DOWN down the SELECT mouse button, and move the mouse
      pointer a little to the right; you'll see the cursor changes to be the
      first 3 letters of the text (or some other icon).
    * Still holding SELECT down, move the mouse over the point where you want
      to drop the text
    * You may see the mouse pointer change to a rifle-sight or target, to show
      that it's OK to drop things here
    * Let go of SELECT, and the text is moved.	This works in text fields of
      dialogue boxes as well as in text subwindows.

    Drag and Drop to Copy a Selection
    * This is the same as using Drag and Drop to Move a Selection, except that
      you must hold the CONTROL key down as well as the SELECT mouse button.

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