Applications: Finding Out... Contact SunSoft (or Sun) and ask for the Catalyst OPEN LOOK guide, which lists over 200 pages of applications, and also the _huge_ Catalyst listing of products for Suns, updated six-monthly.

    Sun's free CDWare CD/ROMs each contain demo versions of several popular
    OPEN LOOK applications.  Often you can simply contact the vendor
    concerned to have the license upgraded from demo, and receive the full
    product documentation.

    SunPICS produces a CD/ROM for NeWSPrint users, Printer's Pallate, which
    contains NeWSprint drivers for a variety of printers and plotters, as
    well as 600 scaleable fonts that you can license.

    There is a separate FAQ posting in that lists
    a number of free and commercial aplications; mail for a
    copy, including OPEN LOOK UI Application List in the Subject for a
    faster reply.

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