@ Does OpenWindows support Type 1 PostScript fonts?
    Yes, under either Solaris 2.  You must use .pfa format, not .pfb;
    I have a program to convert them (, ask for pfb2ps).
    You will want to add an "XLFD" alias, e.g.
    /-bruce rogers-centaur-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-iso8859-1
    /Centaur-Roman _FontFamilySYN
    (put these all on one line with tabs between them, in Synonyms.list,
    before running bldfamily).

    If you have FrameMaker there is a utility to import them, I'm told.
    The 57 fonts supplied with OpenWindows are fully hinted, though, and
    comparing them to the Microsoft Windows and Apple TrueType fonts is
    interesting...  The F3 font format is described in a publication from the
    Sun OpenFonts group, listed in the Bibliography below.  Documentation on
    the unbundled version of TypeScaler is also available from Sun OpenFonts.

    You can buy F3 fonts from SunPICS, Monotype, Linotype, URW and probably
    other major foundries.

    SunPICS' NeWSPrint software supports both F3 and Type 1 fonts.

    TtrueType fonts are not supported at this time.

@ Improving font rendering time
    Although the Sun type renderer (TypeScaler) is pretty fast, it's not as
    fast as loading a bitmap.  You can pre-generate bitmap fonts for sizes
    that you use a lot, and you can also alter and access the font cache
    parameters.	 If you have a lot of memory you might want to increase the
    font cache size.
	$ psh -i
	Welcome to X11/NeWS Version3 <--- psh will say this at you
	currentfontmem =	% type this line ...
	300	% and here's whai my server was using -- 300 Kbytes
	2000 setfontmem
	% Just to check:
	currentfontmem ==
    See pp. 328ff of the NeWS 3.0 Programmer's Guide.  You need to say psh -i
    so that the NeWS packages are loaded, since the font memory controls
    are NeWS extensions to PostScript - see the psh man page.

@ Making bitmap fonts for faster startup:
	$ mkdir $HOME/myfonts
	$ cd $HOME/myfonts
	$ makeafb -20 -M $OPENWINHOME/lib/fonts/Bembo.f3b
	Creating Bembo20.afb
	$ convertfont -b Bembo20.afb
	Chars parameter greater than number of characters supplied.
	$ ls
	Bembo20.afb	Bembo20.fb	Synonyms.list
	$ bldfamily
	* Bembo		       ./Bembo.ff (Encoding: latin)
	cat: ./Compat.list: No such file or directory
	$ xset +fp `pwd`
	$ xset fp rehash

    If you want the server to see your new font directory every time,
    add this directory to your FONTPATH environment variable in one
    of your start-up files, e.g. .login or .profile.

@ Converting between font formats (convertfont, etc.)
    You can also use Folio fonts with an X11 server, by converting them to a
    bitmap (X11 bdf format) first.  Your licence forbids you from using the
    fonts on another machine, and unless you have NeWSPrint you shouldn't
    use them for printing.  Having said all that...  you can use makeafb and
    convertfont to generate bdf files that you can compile with bdftosnf or

    Use mftobdf (from the SeeTeX distribution) to convert TeX pk fonts to
    X11 bdf format, which you can then use with either X11 or OenWindows.

    You can also use der Mouse's "getbdf" to get bdf fonts from a running
    X display server -- ftp: ( /X/getbdf

@ Xview/OLIT fonts at 100 dpi
    Put $OPENWINHOME/lib/fonts/100dpi first in your font path.  The glyph
    font for XView controls isn't scaled until Solaris 2, when OLIT, TNT
    and XView all use the same scaled font for controls.  You could probably
    generate a bitmap (see above) for use on other systems, since the font
    is included in the XView source, but I don't know if that's legal.

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