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Last-Modified: Sep 26 1994

This is a new FAQ.

Contributions will be welcomed; mail them to (Liam Quin),
preferably including "XView FAQ" in the Subject line.

    Sources Of Information:
    The Future of XView
    Scrolling Lists
    How do I keep a pop-up window displayed after a button is pressed?
    how do I make an XView button look pressed?
    OpenWindows 3 imake doesn't work properly
    The pop-up menu in my canvas has funny colours
    The second ttysw in my program doesn't work
    How do arrange to have a (Cancel) button to stop a calacuation?
    How do I put panel items on a canvas?

Parent document is top of "OPEN LOOK GUI FAQ 03/04: the XView Toolkit"
Next document is "Sources Of Information: netnews newsgroups: alt.toolkits.xview - best for specific XView questions - highest volume Watch for Frequently Asked Questions lists (such as this) in these groups. The article you are reading is part of the alt.toolkits.xview and FAQ."