The second ttysw in my program doesn't work XView only supports one ttysw per program!

Parent document is top of "OPEN LOOK GUI FAQ 03/04: the XView Toolkit"
Previous document is "The pop-up menu in my canvas has funny colours You need to use CMS_CONTROL_CMS when you create the CMS for your canvas. This allocates the OPEN LOOK UI 3D colors at the start of the colormap. The foreground color lives right at the end."
Next document is "How do arrange to have a (Cancel) button to stop a calacuation? When you are doing cpu-intensive calculations, your program probably isn't calling the XView notifier, so that button presses aren't noticed until the computation is over. There are several possible solutions: * use the implicit or explicit notify displatch mechanism, described in the Notifier chapter of the XView Programming Manual (O'Reilly); * use multiple processes, and send signals; * split up the work into small chunks and use notify_stop to return to the main loop for each chunk."