Where to look for more applications

Commercial: Catalyst
Contact: Sun
WWW: <URL:http://www.sun.com/>
    You will find a very large list of commercial applications for the
    Solaris operating system by navigating to the Catalyst index.

    You can also ask your Sun sales office for a copy of the Catalyst catalogue,
    which is a large printed book...

Commercial: OPEN LOOK CD
Contact: Darwin Open Systems, info@darwinsys.com
WWW: <URL:http://www.uunet.ca/darwinsys/>
    Darwin Open Systems offers a CD-ROM with source for many of the XView
    applications listed in this FAQ, many compiled for SunOS and/or Linux.
    The CD also contains the XView 3.2 source, all of X11R6pl11, and three
    O'Reilly textbooks: Vol7A - XView Programming, Vol7B - XView Reference,
    and the unpublished Vol3OL - OPEN LOOK User's Guide.

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