XView 3 Ports

What: XView 3
System: Apple A/UX
Porter: lmj@uncompaghre.jax.org (Lou Jones)
Ftp: encyclo.jax.org
    The libraries and utilities (olwm, cmdtool, etc) are available for
    anonymous ftp from encyclo.jax.org. I used gcc 2.1 to compile the
    sources. If there is enough interest, I can make the diffs

System: Concurrent 7000 (68040 based)
Porter: sinan@Mtesol.boeing.com (Sinan Karasu)

System: DECStation/Ultrix
Porter: dscott@ittc.wec.com (Dave Scott)
Ftp: media-lab.media.mit.edu:~ftp/xview3-ultrix.4.2-mips.tar.Z
    Let me stress that this is *not* fully tested, but seems to work
    pretty well.  Please let me know about any problems you find.
    Problems I already know about:
	Large buttons under *any* non-Sun X server (non-xnews; i.e. any
	standard MIT X11R[45] server) have the bottom of the button
	chopped off.  We're working on this one. :-)
    XView 3 is also available on the DEC Freeware CD, from DECUS.
[actually this seems *not* to be Dave Scott's port; please accept my apologies
 for listing this incorrectly.  A correct entry will appear as soon as I get
 the necessary information.  -- Lee]

System: HP 720
Porter: (?)
Ftp: tesla.ucd.ie in /pub
    Includes HP 720 build, HP XView patch file, Xvgr.

System: HP9000/300 series
Porter: tjc@ecs.soton.ac.uk (Tim Chown)

System: HP9000/7XX series
Ftp: ftp.csc.liv.ac.uk hpux/X11/xview-3.part[123].tar.Z

System: HP9000/7XX series (XView 3.2)
Ftp: ftp.csc.liv.ac.uk pub/xview3.2
   This is **NOT** the usual HP Archive at Liverpool; this port of XView3.2
   doesn't follow the usual conventions that apply to packages which are
   available on that archive.
   This port uses modified copies of the files 
   /usr/include/X11R5/X11/Xlib.h and /usr/include/X11R5/X11/Xlibint.h
   The files as supplied by HP are not touched but it is possible
   that a new version of the HP X server might break the port.

   Some contributed clients are also included.

System: Intel (SysVR4/i386)
Porter: dawes@physics.su.OZ.AU (David Dawes)
Ftp: ftp.physics.su.oz.au, suphys.physics.su.oz.au  /Esix_4/x11r5 hierarchy
    His patches were for Esix 4.0.3 but should work on DELL, ISC and Intel
    SVR4 with no worries. The files are README.xview3 and xview3.diff.Z.
See Also: linux

System: IBM RS/6000
Porter: tmcconne@sedona.intel.com (Tom McConnell)
Compiler: bsdcc
Ftp: export.lcs.mit.edu:contrib/xview3/Fixes/xview3_rs6k_unofficial.patch.Z
    There is still a problem with tty support for the RS/6000. For
    instance, the cmdtool will not work. Still, most everything else works.
    For those of you who have already installed my previous patch, I have
    put a separate patch for just the shared library problem. This file is

System: linux
Porter: Kenneth Osterberg <lmfken@lmf.ericsson.se>
ICompiler: gcc 2.3.3, libc4.2
Ftp: tsx-11.mit.edu /pub/linux/binaries/usr.bin.X11/xview3L2
Ftp: sunsite.unc.edu
    Inlcudes olvwm, UIT

System: SGI
Porter: Rainer Sinkwitz <sinkwitz@ifi.unizh.ch>
Ftp: export.lcs.mit.edu:/contrib/xview3/Fixes/xview3_sgi_unofficial.patch.tar.Z

System: Solbourne Series 5
Porter: tmcconne@sedona.intel.com (Tom McConnell)

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