Games (free and commercial)

Commercial: Aviator - flight simulator for GX-equipped SPARCStations
Contact: Artificial Horizons Inc,;  +1 415 367 5029
Requirements: OpenWindows (2 or 3), SunOS 4.1 or later, SPARC GX or GXplus

Free: hexsweeper - minesweeper game based on hexagons
Contact:, include HexSweeper in Subject
Requirements: OpenWindows 3.0 or later
Toolkit: TNT 3


Free: sidtool - PacMan game
Ftp: /usenet/*

    an OPEN LOOK PacMan(tm) surrogate that
    appears as a debugger - the bad guys are code bugs that
    move around your screen; you (the good guy) chase them
    with a 19" monitor that eats bugs.

Commercial: SimCity
Contact: Dux Software, Los Altos, CA
Price: US$89
Requirements: OpenWindows 3 (uses NeWS).  Doesn't run on a 4/110 with cg4 :-(

Free: Spider (Included in OpenWindows under `demo' and `share/src')
    A patience-style card game with two packs of cards and
    excellent bitmap cards.
    I suggest recompiling to allow the cards to have rounded edges.

Free: Xblackjack (ftp from as contrib/xblackjack-2.1.tar.Z)
    A MOTIF/OLIT based tool constructed to get you ready for the casino.

Liam Quin, SoftQuad Inc +1 416 239 4801
HexSweeper NeWS game;OPEN LOOK+XView+mf-fonts FAQs;lq-text unix text retrieval
<URL:> SoftQuad Panorama, HoTMetaL, Services, SGML tools
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