Applications: Application Builders

Commercial: DevGuide 3.0
Contact: SunSoft
    lets you use Drag and Drop to create an OPEN LOOK application with
    XView, OLIT, TNT.  Very easy to use.  UIT also supports Guide files.

Free: dirt
    there _might_ be an OLIT port of this UI builder.

Commercial: ExoCode
Contact: Expert Object
    one of the first third-party GUI builders to support OPEN LOOK,
    using the XView toolkit.  It was reviewed in SunExpert magazine
    in 1990.

Commercial: ObjectBuilder
Contact: Openware Technologies, Inc;; +1 904 725 7187
    uib is a user interface builder which supports building applications
    that support both OPEN LOOK and Motif.  It generates code for
    ParcPlace's OI C++ toolkit and can make use of user created
    subclasses.  Note: `OI' can also display an OSF/Motif GUI at runtime.

Free: wcl
    Uses X resources to specify an Xt widget hierarchy and actions to
    user-defined callbacks.  uses OLIT, Xt or Motif.

Commercial: XVT
Contact: XVT Systems (+1 303-443-4223 or Email "")
    Lets you write portable code by providing a thin layer API which sits 
    on top of the native GUI toolkit.  Write your application in this 
    abstracted GUI and the toolkit translates into native GUI calls on 
    OPEN LOOK, Motif, Microsoft Windows, NT, Macintosh, OS/2, and 
    character terminals.  Includes GUI builder for XVT C toolkit or XVT C++ 
    class library.  XVT is the base document for the emerging IEEE 1201.1 
    Uniform (GUI) API standard.
    It's been said on the net that XVT provides a common subset of the various
    systems, with limited functionality, but I don't know how limited it is --
    the best answer is probably to look and see if it meets your needs.

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