Applications: Graphing Tools

Commercial: Visual Thought
Contact: Confluent, Inc., +1 415-586-8700, fax 586-883;
    Visual Thought is a UNIX diagramming & flowcharting tool; use it to create
    and edit software design diagrams, flowcharts, dataflow, network,
    organizational, and circuit/logic diagrams for presentation and
    documentation graphics.  Features include editable drag-and-drop palettes,
    nearly 100 shapes, rubberbanding connections, text handling and
    graphical editing, arbitary pan and zoom, 100-level undo, page layout,
    "live" editing, image import, sound recording, and more.
    Confluent offers a free evaluation CD-ROM.

Commercial: Robochart
Contact: Digital Insight,  +1 805 583 3627
Ftp: ( in /digins (information and demo)
    Interactive editor for flow diagrams (dataflow, flowchart, org
    chart, etc.), with direct manipulation drag & drop interface.
    Supports hierarchical diagrams, colors, fonts, and several line and
    object types (including images). Define custom commands to be within
    diagrams. PostScript, MIF, HPGL, and ASCII output formats.

Free: dstool
    XView-based program that plots Lorenz Attractors and other chaotic things
    in real time.  Also includes a mathematical expression interpreter.

Free: ACE/gr --  graph and analysis program, xvgr
Ftp:; xvgr-2.10pl1.tar.Z in /CCALMR/pub/acegr
    Handles x-y scatterplots, lineplots, bargraphs, FFT analysis, running
    averages, polynomial fits, etc.

Free: robot - a scientific graph plotting and data analysis tool 
Contact: Robin Corbet <>
    Graph plotting in various styles & axes; Data manipulation - arithmetic,
    functions, smoothing, folding, sorting; Fitting to data using Gaussians,
    polynomials, Lorentzians, and/or user defined functions; Annotation of
    graphs; log files;  Commands with loops etc.; Colour; PostScript output.
Ftp: in pub/astrod
Ftp: files: robotx0.48.tar.Z - everything
Ftp: files: - just the documentation.
Ftp: files: robot.sun4.Z  - binary built on a SPARCstation.
    Robot is XView based. User interface portions of code are written in
    'C'. Data manipulation code is written in FORTRAN. Hence a FORTRAN
    compiler is also required or the public domain f2c package.
    Alternatively, a SPARC binary is available by anonymous ftp.
    The latest "numbered" version is robotx0.48.tar.Z (robot-beta.tar.gz
    contains a number of bug fixes). Binaries for DEC (Ultrix) and IBM PC
    clones (LINUX) are also available.

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