Applications: Other

Commercial: Bimail 400
Contact: BIM (+32-2-759.59.25)
X.400-address: C=be;A=RTT;P=BIM;O=Horizon;S=Geurts;G=Patrick
    Bimail is a complete X.400 electronic mail system.  It consists
    in a user interface which gives access to all X.400 services
    with a consistent look and feel, a message transfer agent (MTA) system
    which can transfer messages over X.25, TP.4 and TCP/IP (using RFC 1006).
    A gateway to SMTP mail is also available.

Free: calentool
    a day/week/month/year at-a-glance calendar and almanac.
Contact: Bill Randle, Tektronix, Inc. <billr@saab.CNA.TEK.COM>

Free: emacstool
    a SunView program that was converted to XView, and is included with the
GNU emacs distribution.

Free: olxvman
    manual page browser

Free: WorkMan - Audio CD player for X11 (Sun, Ultrix, HPUX, Linux)
Requirements: XView libraries
Ftp: Source; sample database; Ultrix, HP binaries: in /WorkMan
Contact: (Steven Grimm)

Free: pan - Postit notes

Free: WAIS
    Networked, distributed text-retrieval system.  OLIT-based front end.
    You might to need to add -lce to the Makefile.

Free: xrolo - Rolodex card index/address book

Free: xv_display
    An XView program for showing a text file, like more(1).

Commercial:  SearchIt 1.0
Contact: SunSoft or SunExpress 
    US: 1-800-873-7869;  UK: 0800 89 88 88
    Germany: 01 30 81 61 91;  France: 05 90 61 57
Platforms: SPARC, Solaris 1.x
Price: $249
    SearchIt is a full text search and retrieval application designed to
    improve individual and group productivity.  It makes an index to files
    and can later retrieve documents by words or phrases, ranking the results
    in relevance order.

Commercial: ShowMe
Contact: SunSoft
    Conferencing software that lets multiple connected users share the same
    drawing screen, with bitmap capture and moveable pointer.
    You can only run one ShowMe per computer, so you have to have a CPU per
    conference member.

Free: xvman - Man Pages viewer
    I can't find this, but see the olxvman.

Free: xvtdl - ToDo List manager
Ftp: /contrib/xvtdl-4.0.tar.Z, /contrib/xvtdl-4.0-README
Requirements: XView libraries
Contact: Mike Jipping  (BITNET: JIPPING@HOPE)
Organisation: Hope College Department of Computer Science
Free: name_finder
Contact:     +1 (205) 844-2280
Ftp:; pub/name_finder1.2.tar.Z.
Patches: pub/name_finder1.2.compile.patch1.
Requirements: OpenWindows 3.0, C++ 2.1 or greater to recompile
    name_finder was orginally designed as a replacement for the name finder
    missing from the OpenWindows Version 3.0 mailtool.  It has since grown
    into a tool for several electronic mail related activities including:
    interaction with local ListServ robots for handling mail lists,
    requesting Full.Name style mail aliases from your local PostMaster, and
    providing mailbox status information ala finger(1).

    name_finder is written in C++ (cfront 2.1) using gxv++ version 1.1.
    If you don't have access to a C++ compiler, a precompiled sparc
    executable is included in the distribution.

Free: bibcard	interface for BiBTeX databases
Requirements: XView
Ftp: in /X11/Bibcard-1.11.tar.Z
Ftp: 	includes source and SPARC binary for SunOS 4.1.1.
Version: 1.11
    GUI for mantaining bibliography databases which can be used with
    LaTeX, TeX and FrameMaker

Free: moxftp -- interface to ftp.
Ftp: as file /packages/X/xftp.1.1.tar.Z.
Contact: Bill Jones
Requirements: X11, OLIT or Motif or Athena widgets
    formerly called xftp.
    compiles under (at least) Ultrix, AIX 3.1.5, AIX 3.2, Convex OS, SunOS,
    Unicos 6.1.4, and IRIX.  Uses OLIT.
    BUG: can also use OSF/Motif and Athena widgets.

Free: olvwm -- OPEN LOOK Virtual Window Manager
contact: Scott Oaks
Ftp: in the contrib directory
Patches: there are two patches
Requirements: XView 3
    Olvwm is a version of olwm that manages a `virtual desktop' (hence the
    `v' in its name).  It shows a little map on the screen, with the
    currently displayed area represented by a little rectangle.	 You can
    move around by dragging the rectangle or with the arrow keys.  This
    lets you run several clients (applications) and move the display around
    from one to the other.  Olvwm was derived from the OpenWindows 3.0 olwm.

Free: ftptool -- OPEN LOOK front-end to ftp
Requirements: XView
Ftp: in /contrib

Free: Hyperlook
Contact: The Turing Institute
Requirements: OpenWindows 3 (running the xnews server, not X11)
    Hypertext package written entirely in NeWS.  Runtime from
    in /pub or (graphics/NeWS/HyperLook1.5-runtime.tar.Z)

Maestro (ftp from
    Multimedia authoring tools, including support for sound, text & video.

Free: xvnews
Requirements: XView libraries (Version 3)
Contact: Hans de Graaff <J.J.deGraaff@TWI.TUDelft.NL>
    xvnews is a newsreader for Usenet news, based on the XView toolkit.

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