PostScript and Graphics Viewers

Commercial: pageview - PostScript previewer
Contact: Included in OpenWindows as part of DeskSet.
    Type 1 support only in OpenWindows 3.0.1 under Solaris 2.1.
    Antialiasing support - with colour OpenWindows 3 try pageview -aa -dpi 150
    Note that pageview uses the X11/NeWS server to interpret the PostScript,
    and thus won't run on an X terminal or other non-OpenWindows server.
    It's *not* enough to be runing an OPEN LOOK UI [tm] window manager such
    as olwm.

Commercial: xps - PostScript program editor and previewer
Contact: included with OpenWindows 2.0 under demo and share/src
    Only runs under OpenWindows 2.

Commercial: psh
Contact: included with OpenWindows
	simple interface to NeWS and the OpenWindows server

Free: ralpage
Ftp: in contrib/clients
    Crispin Goswell's PostScript interpreter, much hacked.
    Not OPEN LOOK compliant.  No Type 1 font support.
    There are other versions of this called `xps', `postscript', etc.;
    don't confuse this `xps' with the one mentioned above.

Free: ghostscript
(from the Free Software Foundation)
    Supports Type 1 fonts.  Not OPEN LOOK based.

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