Applications: toolkit Extensions

Product Name:     Xtra XWidgets
Company Name:     Graphical Software Technology
Phone:            310-328-9338;    Fax: 310-376-6224
Keywords:         graphics, library, widgets, spreadsheet, help
Interfaces:       OPEN LOOK, Motif
Platforms:        SPARC, HP9000s300/400/700, IBM RS6000, Interactive 386
Requirements:     X11, Xt, Xol (or Xm) libraries and headers; X11
Price:            $795/single user, $3000/network, $5000/source
Support-Price:    $400/30 calls
Source-Available: yes
    The Xtra XWidget library contains a set of widgets that are subclassed
    from and compatible with either OLIT or Motif widgets.  The library
    includes widgets that implement the following: Spreadsheet, Bar Graph,
    Stacked Bar Graph, Line Graph, Pie Chart, XY Plot, Hypertext, Hypertext
    based Help System, and Data Entry Form.  Widgets have been successfully
    integrated with both TeleUSE from Telesoft and Builder Xcessory from
    ICS.  A free demo is available for any of the supported platforms.

Product Name:     XRT/Graph
Company Name:     KL Group
Phone: +1 416 594-1026
    XRT/graph is a graph object that extends the XView toolkit;  There are
    also Xt versions for OLIT and Motif.  XRT/graph supports line plots,
    scatter-plots, strip-charts, bar charts, stacking bar charts, pie charts
    and filled-area charts, singly and in combination.  It supports real-time
    updates, true Postscript output, and intelligent user feedback.  It comes
    with Builder, a graph prototyping tool, which supports code & resource
    file generation.  A free demo (vmgraph) is available.
    There are free integration kits for UIM/X, TeleUSE, and Builder Xcessory
    (others in progress).
    XRT/graph for XView and OLIT are only available on SPARC.
    XRT/graph for Motif is available on a dozen or so platforms.

Free: Slingshot XView extension

    Slingshot provides rectangles (like the Xt Intrinsics' RectObj gadget),
    drag-and-drop support, images, icons and text, trees, lines, arrows...

    Get it by ftp from, in /contrib/SlingShot2.0.tar.Z
    (remember to use binary mode in ftp!).
    You may also be able to get it by ftp to in /contrib.
    The mail server has been withdrawn.

Ada bindings for XView
    Sun Ada 1.1 includes among other things an Ada Source Code Generator
    for Devguide.  It uses the Verdix XView Ada bindings.
    It does not yet [July 1992] support gfm (the guide file manager).

C++ Bindings for XView

Qualix's XV++.


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