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Hello! Before starting to navigate my homepage, please read below about the different sections available to guide the rest of your visit. This page is available only in English even though my native tongue is French. This restriction is due to the fact that maintaining two set of pages is a lot of trouble and that English, the dominant language on the net, can reach the maximum number of people.

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I only made sure all the information is readable and accessible with these browsers while trying to make it look right. Different browsers being different, I am only able to assure that everything will work with Netscape Navigator. Therefore, not all the features on this page will show on all browsers and the formatting might not be correct. Use the font you like. I prefer Swiss/Helvetica. For Windows users, Microsoft named it Verdana. Have fun!

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Samuel Audet <guardia at step dot polymtl dot ca>
IRC Nick: usually _Guardian
ICQ Number: 4187723

I live in Laval, Québec, Canada. This is around Latitude 45.6° and Longitude -73.7°.

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