Polytechnique Montreal

This advice is provided for information only. Check out the Polytechnique Montreal website for the official timetable.
Polytechnique Montreal’s staff will always be available at the International Students office or by email.

Finding your way to the Polytechnique

To go to the Poly, you need to get off at the metro station “Université-de-Montréal”. The escalator is closed until November at least. You might not even be able to use it until January!
After the turnstiles at the metro station, go to the right and follow the temporary path on the road of the ramp. Once you get to the top of the first hill, you get to a crossroads and you need to go to your left. Walk for a 100 meters and you’ll get to the doors of the Lassonde Building, the most famous building of the Polytechnique.
You can get to the Main Building by taking the stairs on the left of the building, the escalators or the elevators in the Lassonde Buildings.

Plan campus Poly

Classrooms are numbered this way: M-1020 or C-240.
The letter refers to the building : A, B and C for the Main Building ; L and M for the Lassonde Buildings. The number refers to the floor number.
Consequently, classrooms M-1020 will be on the first floor of the Lassonde Buildings.

Plan Pavillons Poly

The cafeteria and the “Rotonde” (literally, rotunda) are on the first floor of the Main Building. To go there, you need to go to the 6th floor of the Lassonde Buildings and take the tunnel that connects the Lassonde and the Main Buildings.

Preparations for your stay

Here are the steps to prepare your stay that you need to go through according to the International Student Office:

  1. Go through your immigration process
  2. Plan your budget and the payment of your school fees
  3. Retrieve information about your health insurance
  4. Enroll for the welcoming activities and orienteering sessions
  5. Check the choices of your classes
  6. Book your flight ticket
  7. Book your temporary residence
  8. Pack your bags
  9. 9. Immigration process at your arrival,, think about Accueil Plus!
  10. Get information about your future environment

Schedule of the activities at the beginning of the term

To participate in the Orientation Days, you need to register here.

Activity Description Date
Orientation Day for New International Students M-2002 Designed for graduate students in research-based programs (PhD and Thesis Masters’) and organized by the International Students Office, this session aims at helping your integration and success at Polytechnique. During this session, you will receive important information regarding first steps, academic and administrative matters, as well as cultural adaptation. If you have been admitted to a course-based program (DESS and Non-thesis Masters’), you should register to the orientation session in French.. from 8:30 am to 3 pm
Monday, August 22nd
Welcome session from polytechnique Montreal Amphithéâtre Bell (C-631)
An invitation was sent to your personal email adress.

9 am
Thursday, August 25th
Lunch by the AECSP Atrium Lorne-M.-Trottier (3rd floor, Lassonde pavillon)
Come and discuss with other students, professors and administration employees from your department!
12 am
Thursday, August 25th
Rally across the city Organized by PolyExplore
An awesome way to discover Montreal!
Saturday, August 27th
Classes start Monday, August 29th
Initiation week by de PolyParty from August 29th until September, 2nd
Back-to-school Concert from 4 pm, in the parking area from the School dfrom 4 pm to 11 pm
Friday, September 2nd
Weekend in Tadoussac Getting as close as possible to the whales in the Saint-Lawrence River? from September, 3rd until September, 5th (Labour Day long weekend)