Settling in Montreal

More information about on Polytechnique’s website.

Where to live

Around Poly, you have different options: the main ones are the dormitories (“résidences”) of the “Université de Montréal” and the apartments.

The dorms (« résidences »)

1120 studios are available for students on the campus of the « Université de Montréal », which includes UdeM, HEC and Polytechnique. For about 400$ per month, you’ll get a simple room, with shared showers and washrooms on the same floor. Some buildings are only for girls and the facility offers plenty of services (link’s only in French).
The tenants are mostly Quebecers who come from all over the province, or foreign students. About 5 minutes away from Poly and the CEPSUM (link’s only in French too), it’s one of the most affordable and practical solutions.

The only drawback: you have to register (link’s only in French) quite early to hope to get a room…and very often, because of a lack of rooms, the answer will be no.
More info at: (link’s only in French)

The apartments

In Montreal, apartments are classified depending on the number of rooms they have. For example, a 3 ½ includes 3 rooms (kitchen, bedroom, living room) and one bathroom (the ½). So a 4 ½ has 2 bedrooms, a 5 ½ , 3 bedrooms, etc.
Rent depends on the location and the number of rooms. Usually, near Poly, a 3 ½ costs 700-800$/month all included (heating, electricity, phone and Internet). If you wish to share an apartment with some roommates, your rent can go to 400-500$/month.

Just like the dorms, a shared apartment is the best way to meet students and start the schoolyear a little bit less alone.

The best is to find an apartment at a walking distance from Poly (Côte-des-Neiges neighbourhood, on boulevard Édouard-Montpetit, Côte-Ste-Catherine, even Van Horne), or near a metro station (the bus service may become very unreliable once winter comes).

We strongly advise you not to pay rent or nor make a deposit before checking the apartment in person. We strongly recommend you to book a room in a hostel or in the university residences for the first days and to look for an apartment once you get to Montreal.

Polytechnique offers you a list of temporary accommodations (once again the link’s only in French).

Here’s a list of the most famous websites to look for an apartment :


The public transit system (bus and metro) is managed by the STM. Student fares and monthly passes are available.

The train service for the suburbs is managed by the AMT.

Many foreign driving licences are valid in Quebec: check it out with the SAAQ.