Winter activities

Dates might change.

5@7 Polybuddy

Wednesday, January 11th
In the North American Tradition, a “5@7” is a happy hour. After a long day at work (5ish), colleagues, friends meet to spend 1 or 2 hours together while having a nice little drink.

If you haven’t got a chance to meet your “Polybuddy” mentor, you might get a chance to see him at this event, or simply meet other foreign students!


Saturday, January 14th
Let’s kick off the winter season with basics about ice-skating, the way to move around in Quebec during the winter!
But don’t ask us too much, we’ll be too busy trying not to fall down!

Wine and cheese tasting

Tuesday, January 17th
Wine, cheese from Quebec and nice people ; what else?
Vins et fromages
The target of the wine and cheese tasting, in French vins et fromages, is to enjoy the products of our province while mingling.

Trip to Ottawa

Saturday January 28th
Ottawa is the capital of Canada. Located in Ontario, it’s only 2 hours away by car from Montreal.
Capture d’écran 2014-06-26 à 10.54.01
The town is mostly known for the Parliament site or even for the Rideau Canal.

Weekend in Quebec City

From Saturday, February 4th until Sunday, February 5th
Capital of the province of Quebec, Quebec city is one of the oldest cities in North America. Located 2 and a half hours away by bus, it looks like a little France.
Terrasse Dufferin
With several museums, parks and churches, the city is mostly famous for its historical center and its carnival, which takes place during the first two weeks of February.

Weekend in the Chalet (Cottage)

March, 3rd until 5th
If there’s something you can’t miss in your life, it’s a weekend in a Chalet. It’s a little log cabin, lost in the depth of the snowy forests of Quebec with the only distraction being a bunch of wild students (and a little bit of alcohol).
A weekend at the Chalet will not be forgotten easily and of course what happens at the Chalet… stays at the Chalet!

5@7 (Happy Hour)

Thursday March 30th
Now that you’re familiar with the concept of “5@7”, PolyExplore will give you a chance to discover a nice bar! And there’s a rumour that there’ll be prizes too!

Sugar Shack

Sunday, April 2nd
When one says “meal at a sugar Shack”, you have to understand “strict diet a couple days before”.
Here’s one of the main pillars of Quebec’s culture:
From mid-February to the end of April, sugar shacks open their doors for their traditional “all you can eat menu”: pea soup, creton, cabbage salad, sausages in syrup, homemade marinade, omelettes, ham, salted bacon, baked beans, boiled potatoes, eggs cooked in syrup, crêpes, chômeur pouding, sugar pie, nun’s farts… and of course, the very famous maple syrup.
It’s physically impossible to get out of it being hungry.