Trouble Shooting: Strange Error Messages

@ No manual entry for cm_lookup

    If man doesn't seem to find OpenWindows commands, even though you are
    running OpenWindows, try setting the MANPATH environment variable:
	MANPATH=$OPENWINHOME/share/man:/usr/man; export MANPATH
	setenv MANPATH $OPENWINHOME/share/man:/usr/man
    for csh users.  $OPENWINHOME should be /usr/openwin on most systems.

@ window: Window creation failed to get new fd 
@ window: Base frame not passed parent window in environment 
@ Cannot create base frame.  Process aborted. 

    These messages all come from SunView programs.  SunView was an
    earlier windowing system for Suns, and was not networked.  Some of
    the SunView programs are still around in /usr/bin, and have names
    that are the same as their OpenWindows counterparts.  You almost
    certainly want to run the programs in $OPENWINHOME instead.

    Set your path so that $OPENWINHOME/bin (and $OPENWIN/bin/xview for
    OpenWindows 2) come before /bin (or /usr/bin, they're the same), or
    you'll get the SunView versions of mailtool, cmdtool, shelltool, etc.

    If you are trying to run SunView programs, use
	eval `svenv -env`
    (see the man page for svenv) before running Sunview programs; you
    can put this in your .xinitrc file.  The default Sun .xinitrc has this

	You can't run SunView programs on an X terminal.  You can't run
	SunViw programs to display anywhere except on the console of the
	host running the program.  You may need to be running OpenWindows
	rather than X to run Sunview programs (X can be compiled to work
	with SunView, though).
	SunView programs do not work beyond Solaris 2.2, so you should
	consider moving.

@ memory fault - core dumped
    If you get this from the binder, or if binder vanishes suddenly,
    get the following patches:
	100493-02 Binder
	100524-03 Cetables
	100626-03 Tooltalk

@ Trouble compiling Xt, Xmu or OLIT programs: _get_wmShellWidgetClass
    If you are using OpenWindows 3.0 (X11R4-based Xt), contact your local
    Sun office and request the following patches:
100512-02   4.1.x OpenWindows 3.0 libXt Jumbo patch
100573-03   4.1.x OpenWindows 3.0 undefined symbols when using shared libXmu

    If you can't install the patch, a workaround is to add 
	-u get_wmShellWidgetClass -u get_applicationShellWidgetClass
    on the link (ld or cc ... -o ...) line.  An alternative is to add
	-assert nodefinitions
    to CFLAGS in your Makefile, or even in Imake.tmpl.

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